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New to MetaMap, or confused as to what you should use?

If you are new to MetaMap, or are unsure where to start, we would recommend starting with our research papers on MetaMap at the MetaMap section of the Indexing Initiative Research Information Site. We also recommend using our Interactive web interface first to get a feel for how MetaMap works and how the various options affect the results. Once you have a good feel for what you would like to do, the decision comes down to how much control you want of your data. If you need to run everything locally, you are going to need to download (see section below) and install our MetaMap program. If you do not need to maintain control of your data, we offer a Batch facility for processing large sets of data through our pool of clients. You can access our Batch facility through our SKR web site, or through our Java-based SKR API. In either case, your data is uploaded to our web site, processed by our Scheduler program, and then the results are provided to you. We maintain your data and results for a maximum of 15 days and then they are purged from our systems. Only you and our team have access to the data and results. We only review Batch jobs when there is a specific request, or we see a Batch job causing problems with the Scheduler.


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