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MetaMap is a highly configurable program developed by Dr. Alan (Lan) Aronson at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to map biomedical text to the UMLS Metathesaurus or, equivalently, to discover Metathesaurus concepts referred to in text. MetaMap uses a knowledge-intensive approach based on symbolic, natural-language processing (NLP) and computational-linguistic techniques. Besides being applied for both IR and data-mining applications, MetaMap is one of the foundations of NLM's Medical Text Indexer (MTI) which is being used for both semiautomatic and fully automatic indexing of biomedical literature at NLM.

Recent News

August 2014 - MetaMap 2014 Release

MetaMap14 includes a significantly faster WSD Server, simplification of of the default display of all output formats (human-readable, XML, Fielded MMI, and Machine output), the addition of a MetaMap specific Subsynonymy vocabulary, and user-definable NegEx negation triggers. More information on these changes are described in the Release Notes for MetaMap14. (More News...)

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